After many days of trying to get rid of a Virus' and Malware I tried to do an XP recover and then cancelled it because my CD was SP1 and the system was on SP3. Now the machine won't even start. Plug it in and nothing, no lights, no noise, no screen nothing. Any ideas?

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never seen that before ,why did you cancel it ,leaving the recovery go would have install winxp with sp1 ,then you would have just did windows updates to get back to sp3.unless you were trying a reinstall over to of !and not a laptop recovery

also what you did should not have cause it to stop turning on ,so something else is wrong ,check power cord ,check wall socket ,remove battery and try with just the power cord plugged in to laptop

I cancelled it because I wanted the repair rather than use the recovery mode. However, I think the motherboard has burnt out in some way. I've tried different power packs, with/out battery, taken all modules out. All without a glimmer of a light anyway. So I've now got a quite good shell...shame.

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