OK so I called toshiba with this error. I was installing the recovery disk and after the first cd ran at the end this pop's up and now I have no OS and can't even ecover anything at all. Is there anyway to get back in without spending a whole bunch of money. I can used my other computer if I have to down load anything.

Make new copies of those CDs on your other PC. It might be that your Toshiba optical drive is having trouble reading them.

Hey thanks. It did'nt work. tried a cd and tried to copy it to a flash drive and copy it back and it did not work. I have talk to toshiba again and they are sending a new cd. They know that this is a ongoing problem with there software and they are not going to charger me a penny. So i guess that is a good thing. I just hope it works. I will keep you up to date.


Nice to hear that they are acknowledging their mistake.

It will never be clear to me why they don't just simply include windows setup CD instead of this hassle with ghost disks and recovery.

Hello Chaky

I'm still surprised that they have know about this for a very long time and still have not sovled this. I agree with you. They should just have a full xp restore disk instead of a ghost copy. as you know and most of the tech world. When you ghost a OS you allways run in to probelms.

Thanks again for trying to help.