I posted a few days back in the video card area, asking if I'd need a new PSU, but doing my own research, I'm convinced I do. The question is, exactly what? I'm a noob to this mod thing, but I've been told that replacing a power supply isn't all that hard. SO...here's the specs:

Computer: HP a420n Pavilion
Motherboard: ASUS A7V8X-LA (AGP 8x, 3 PCI)
CPU: AMD Athlon XP 3000+ 2.16GHz
RAM: 512 MB
Power Supply: Bestec ATX-250-12ZD “Zinfandel 250W (I think…)
Video Card, Added: BMG (NVidia) GeForce4 MX 4000, driver updated 6/15/05
Monitor: HP mx703
OS: XP Home Edition, 2002, SP-2 added 7/15/05

I want to up the PSU to a 400W or maybe even higher so I can replace the graphics card with something that actually renders graphics instead of crashing my computer. :rolleyes: After searching around, I'm pretty concerned that whatever I buy won't have the right number of connectors or the pins in the right places. How can I know that what I'm buying is what I need to run this beast, without actually ripping out the existing one and comparing cables, etc? What brand to buy is pretty well covered out there in web-land, but the specs and the fit? Much harder. Good links and advice much appreciated!

Hay man,

A 400w psu would be more than enough to power a laptop even with a better Grafix card. What grafix card do you want to install anyway.

I'm not looking for peak performance in gaming; I'll use the computer mainly for 3D graphics programs, so I need a good card, but not the high end. If memory serves, the GeForce 6600GT got fairly good press here in this forum, and it's in my price range. (USD 160 or so.) Prob'ly also throw some additional RAM in there, too.

My 'puter is a desktop, not a laptop, tho. :confused: The 400W is really overdesigned for future upgrades, since, in pricing out power supplies, the cost difference is really minimal. End of the day, I'm looking to spend a measly USD 250, once tax and shipping comes in.

I also note that there is a post below mine that is asking essentially the same thing I am: how do I know the specs for a new power supply? What do I need to factor in? Things like front-mounted USB and flash-card readers? Is there a web site out there that has a chart for each computer build, matching it to a power supply upgrade? (replacement parts, no problem...upgrade? problem.)

Sorry, i got the idea that it was a laptop because i know hp by the pavilion notebooks! :lol:

Goopd idea with the RAM!

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