I'm trying to install a new hd but i can't because one ide ribbon is hooked to my cdrw and the dvd-rom.an the other is hooked to my hd and my dvdrw and the third on is hooked stright to the floppy.and all the ribbons are token up.how can i hook the new hd up.


Get rid of one of the optical drives is the most sensible approach. Your DVD burner will also burn CDS, Read DVDs and CDs etc etc.

In your situation, I'd be ditching either the DVD-ROM or the CD burner ;)

Yes I would do the same thing, the DVD burner will also burn regular CD's and also play DVD's, so I would get rid of one of the other two optical drives. OR there is a second option, you can buy one of those enclosures boxes that lets you turn an internal drive into a USB drive. Either way you want to do it.

When you do retire one of your optical drives (highly recommended - you don't need 3!), have the 2 hard drives on one IDE channel (i.e. one cable between them) and the two optical drives on another. Since optical drives use a different transfer protocol to that of a hard drive, performance will be slower if they share a channel.

ditch the cd burner, with the dvdrom and dvd burner u can copy both dvd and cds on the fly, U cant do dvds if U ditch the dvd rom

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