The Laptop is an HP 1340ea with a built in webcam and Vista. We are trying to use Sightspeed for video chat and although it seems to work fine on my XP laptop we cannot use it on the HP. At laptop startup a Sightspeed window opens with the message that the webcam is being used by another programme which should be closed to allow sightspeed to use the camera.
All I can think of is that the HP Webcam feature is starting at the startup and although the camera is not being used it is 'occupied'
I cannot find anything on the start menu that would seem to be the HP webcam programme
Can anyone give me an idea how to estabish what programme could be in use and how to find it on the start menu to disable it



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Is there an Icon anywhere to access the webcam, or a keyboard hotkey that effects it. If there is use it and see what program comes up.

There is an icon shortcut to the 'HP webcam' which opens HP quickplay/HP webcam. If the start menu is the list that opens when you click the start button then it is not on the start menu.
Opening the programme from the icon and then shutting it down does not seem to make any difference, Sightspeed still says the camera is in use by another programme


When you're in the quickplay application see if it has an option to disable it at start-up. If it doesn't I'd suggest contacting HP support. They're not the most qualified but they get the job done, and have free online-chat whether you're under warranty (I'm assuming you are) or not.

You can view the programs that are open in the task manager when you press ctrl-alt-del. Also try to look for the HP webcam icon in your system tray, at the right bottom of your screen, where the system clock is, to check if it's running.

Open your HP webcam software and try to find a setting to disable the auto start when your computer starts, then restart your PC, to free up the webcam.

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