After days of went-in-vain googling I finally wanted to start a thread here.
I am using ubuntu 64bit 8.04

I just wanted to configure my fan settings.
My fan starts when temperature is above 60C and stops when It reaches below it.
I wanted to change my settings so that the fan starts at 50C and stops after temperature falls below 45C ( Even 50C ... no problem ).

I tried to tweak the sensors3.conf file (there was no sensors.conf file in /etc/ )
when nothing useful happened I restored it back.
I installed pwmconfig which gives an error.
Installed fancontrol.
Installed lm-sensors.
Installed speedfan using wine. But did not dare to do anything.(I'll if you insist)

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Please ask me if you want any extra information.
Thanks in advance.

There would be someone who can help me ...please...