can anyone supply a wiring diagram for the gateway solo 9300.
My power lights don't go on, it won't charge my (new) battery, and the computer won't fire up.
The mains power adaptor checks out O.K.
I think I may have blown a fuse or diode in the laptop.
Can anyone help?

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Me again,
Does anyone know how to test a motherboard to see if it is working O.K.?


Laptop mobos are tricky to test, because you can't just hook it up to another psu. I'd say it's probably a broken connection between the power jack and motherboard, or a bad motherboard.

There shouldn't be any fuses in the system, and trying to replace any integrated components on a laptop board takes some very advanced soldering skills. I'd say open up the case and see if any of the circuits between the PSU: MOBO: Power button look broken.


Oly is right on the mark on this one, as someone who does these exact repairs I can tell you it is very difficult at best to identify a bad component and replace it on a motherboard. Your best hope is that it is a bad DC jack which if you completely disassemble the laptop you will be able to inspect once you have pulled the motherboard. About 80% of the time if a jack is bad it can be observed when the board is pulled by seeing cracked, cold solder joints or heat stress and arcing indicators on a board or jack.

I do give you fair warning though, taking a laptop apart is many, many times more difficult that a desktop. Typically there are between 35-60 screws of different sizes which will be taken out and need to be replaced properly, plus the components are very closely spaced on the MB if you decide to attempt the solder repair yourself.

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