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this is kind of a long story, but please bear with me.

After having read about being able to use a Sixaxis (PS3) controller on a PC, I decided to try it. This consisted of a libusb driver (LibUsb-win32) and an executable file called ps3sixaxis_en.exe. I had to install the driver first, and then run the executable. This didn't have any effect, and because the driver version wasn't the one that I needed, someone advised me to manually delete the libusb files.

Me thinking that I'm some techy, decided to delete 2 libusb files in system32 and system32/drivers and even messing in the registry. After letting the regedit window popup, I searched for libusb and deleted the files. I intended to rerun the libusb-win32 driver, but accidentally activated the executable file.

My computer then crashed and rebooted. After it had booted again, I could no longer use my mouse or keyboard. I entered the bios and to my surprise I could actually enter it (you have to use the keyboard after all) and could screw around in it. I used q-flash on my Gigabyte GA-X48-DQ6 motherboard to try the bios that the Gigabyte site had up, but to no avail.

I then figured I had screwed windows over, and wanted to reinstall windows. I then thought to myself; I don't want to lose my files! So instead of formatting the drive, I tried to recover. Bad move. After the program had ran, I was stuck at a selection screen (I think the language files one). Which means I can't boot regular XP no more, and can only get into a bios screen I don't know what to do with.

Can anybody please help me with my trouble?

Try reinstalling Windows over the current copy. Once that comes up you should be able to back up your data, format the drive, and install a clean Windows environment.

Well, since I tried to recover XP, it is stuck at that screen. I can't go back. When I reset, it continues the repair which I ironically can't continue.

To add to my troubles, that screen is now completely black (but I can see my mouse cursor).

Would installing a second HDD (I have one laying around with XP on it) in my system let me boot it? And I could format my regular HDD with that boot?

Thanks for the help.

If you have a second hd, I would disconnect the original, install the sencond, and load Windows onto it. Once Windows is up, reconnect the original (make sure you've got the correct jumper settings), and copy all of the data to the new hd. Once that's done, Ghost your 2nd drive's image to the original. If you want, you can remove the 2nd drive after that.

I install a new motherboard, i check all the wire all connections and they are good. When i turn-on the machine my keyboard doesn't work.

I install a new motherboard, i check all the wire all connections and they are good. When i turn-on the machine my keyboard doesn't work.

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