I've had my acer Exstensa 5220 laptop for a while now but today when I went to turn it on afer putting it into hibernation mode which I regularly do I pressed the on button and lights came on as though it was going to do something but after a while these lights just went off and this is now what happens everytime I turn it on (nothing at all comes on the screen) There is absolutely no reason for this to happen as I haven't dropped or knocked it or got it wet at all.

I've tried pressing F8 repeatedly to try and get it into safe mode but still nothing happens, this laptop is on loan to me from my school so I do plan to take it to them but still, is there anything I can do to fix it???

I know that unlike me many of you are smart when it comes to pc's or in this case laptops so pleas help if you can.

Much appreciated, J. Martinez

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Pull the battery out and leave it unplugged for a few minutes. After that, plug it back into the AC adapter and try to power it up.

It worked perfectly!

:) Thank you VERY much!

J. Martinez

Good to hear.

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