I'm having problems with my widescreen monitor. Everything was working fine, until it everything started getting pushed to the right. (3 inches on the left of the screen was black, 3 inches on the right side of the screen were left off). I messed around with display resolution and the screen settings and eventually I got back to the whole screen. But now all of the letters are fuzzy, (almost like 8 bit graphics or something). When I try and adjust to a higher resolution system won't let me? Is this a graphics card problem?, Window XP?, or is there something else I need to do.

I thank you for any advice you give me.


There are so many things this could be...

If your connected to your monitor via VGA then all i can suggest is setting your monitor to your native screen resolution (1440X900 or 1600x1050 1920x1200) or whatever your native resolution is.
Then ensure your refresh rate is set to 60hz or whatever your native refresh rate is for your monitor.

Then enable "clear type" in the display menu.

Then on your monitor press the auto "adjust button" and the screen will adjust its own timings to the timings recieved from your GFX card.

Also ensure you have the latest GFX card drivers and DirextX redist installed.

One last thing... if you are connected via VGA take it out and connect via DVI :-) VGA sucks at higher resolutions! I run a 24" 1920X1200 monitor in both DVI and VGA (2pc's connected) and when i switch between the 2 the difference is "night and day".

If however you are connected via a DVI cable, well... other than an upgrade of drivers and DirectX redist there is not much to offer in terms of advice, as DVI is much more direct. Things like auto adjust etc on a monitor will not function via DVI as the timings etc are perfectly synced.

Keep us posted on how you get on... ohh and some some useful info to help us trouble shoot your problem would be...

What monitor do you have?
What resolution are you currently running at?
What refresh rate are you currently running at?
What GFX card do you have?
What driver revision are you running?
How is you monitor connected to your Pc?

Hope that helps