me and a frined what to get 2 laptop computers.

what brand should we get?

they need to be able to run programs for school.
we also what to be able to run a net work beweent the 2

and we what to be able to run a games on them
so they allso have to be fast.

Hi kingofpower,

It depends on your budget - gaming laptops can be very expensive. If their main purpose is for schoolwork, then that's what you should aim for. You can purchase rather basic models for under $1000 these days, but they're far from being gaming beasts.

I agree with CM. Getting a laptop at around $1000 will provide you with everything you need to do homework, while still providing decent performance for some older or less processor and GPU intensive games.

You can easily spend more than $2000 on a laptop that can run today's games. I think that a gaming laptop is a waste however since you can't upgrade them.

For $2000 you can buy yourself a nice school laptop that will be lightweight, offer a really good battery life, and have decent performance in addition to a decent desktop system that you can use for gaming. In the end, you'd end up spending the same amount, but you'd have two computers each of which are better suited for their different tasks and, and you'd have the ability to easily upgrade the gaming machine.