Hello, I'm new to building PC's (it shows i'm afraid)..

If the following has a really pathetic simple fix - I can take it on the chin .. I just need some support...


New Build MSI 945GCM5 V2 Motherboard with Pentium dual core E2180 LGA 775 2Ghz. Kingston 2GB DIMM (2 pc’s) & SATA Hitachi 250GB.


Beeps 3 times at POST but cannot find out what that indicates?

Can not get XP to start loading… pass various mem tests from floppy’s – ran for 5 hours and passed all tests..


Tried to load XP Driver Txtsetup file using floppy – it reported that it loaded freedos(?) then hung at ROOT????

What files should I transfer from CD to floppy?


Tried a working IDE HDD with Win XP ~ it went into safe mode option screen then re-booted again & again.... with the beeps every time ..

Hum? I’m lost and frustrated – what am I missing here?

if it 3 short beeps it like a ram problem ,have you tried it with just one of the ram stick in the board ,are you sure its the right ram for the board ,is it DDR2 533/667
do you get anything on the screen at bootup,like can you get into the bios ,if yes install the bios defaults and save and reboot ,maybe, maybe not

The RAM I have fitted has the following specification:-

Kingston 2GB Kit (2x1GB) DDR2 800MHz/PC2-6400
Memory Non-ecc CL5 Unbuffered 1.8V

- 2 GB ( 2 x 1 GB )
- DIMM 240-pin
- DDR IIStorage Capacity2 GB ( 2 x 1 GB )
- TypeGenericTechnologyDDR II SDRAMForm FactorDIMM 240-pinMemory
- Speed800 MHz ( PC2-6400 )Data Integrity CheckNon-ECCLatency
- TimingsCL5FeaturesQuad rank , unbufferedSupply Voltage1.8 VLead

I will do "classic-faultfinding" i.e. swop out each ram module to try and evaluate if one of the modules is faulty (or been inserted wrong!)

Many thanks for your post..


Both modules produce "3 beeps" in both connector positions when inserted into motherboard

Can not believe BOTH are faulty?

Checked spec . (thanks for hyperlink) convinced they are correct.

If I could see the "error beep codes" on a MSI website listed, such that 3 beeps are RAM related => then I will purchase a different batch of DIMM to the spec. and try.

Trouble is, when changing out the DIMM, the PC saw the correct sizes every time ??

Before I purchase them, anything else I can try?

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Trouble is, when changing out the DIMM, the PC saw the correct sizes every time ??


so the computers boots to a screen where yo ucan see the ram count ,and does it just sit there beeping ,
also, the bios chip makers, is what you need to reference for the beep codes ,the bios chip is on the motherboard . if it AMI BIOS
check this .link.

and this one that suggest its possible the motherboard and not the ram .check the Recommendation by the red hand

Thanks for all the input ~ nothing worked so I went back to Txtsetup.oem using a floppy to get the XP program to use the SATA hdd.

Would not work , tried & tried just getting the dreaded “blue-screen”..

Then I realised that this was the PROBLEM i.e. not the beeps but XP ~ SATA in the context of my new PC set-up.. still could not get it to work…

So I sidestepped it by installing VISTA!

OK, bit of a cop-out as I wanted to use XP but hey, it works and I’ve got over it.

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sorry totally missed that one !
you should be able to find the sata drivers on the cd for the motherboard ,put it in ,then go mycomputer right click on the cd drive icon and go explore and look for sata drivers to copy to floppy to use