I have aN ASUS P5N32 SLI Premium Mobo ,with Win XP Pro,E8400 processer, OCZ 800, 2048x 2Seagate barracuda 320 mgb Hard drive and I am wondering what would be a decent graphics card?

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What are the specs of your power supply?

I would reccoment 2x 8800s personally , seeing as you have an SLI board. However a single ATI 4870 is better.

Just ensure in either case that your PSU can handle it.

I have a 500 watt psu,thanks,John.

what are the specs of the +12v rails in amps
also whats its rated efficiency

to run 2 cards in SLI you will most likely need a PSU upgrade.

"Decent" graphics really depends on what you're doing. integrated Intel graphics is "Decent" for a workstation or media system, where a geforce 8600 or better is decent for gaming (geforce 260/280 or SLI for serious gaming.

Tell us what it is you plan to do with the system and a rough price range and we can help you choose a card.

if he has a decent motherboard, decent ram and decent cpu then i woild suspect he is a gamer...

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