I have a 30" LCD monitor and when i run it at a non native resolution for example 1440x900, 1680x1050 or 1920x1200 the monitor display looks blurry and out of focus. For some odd reason 1280x800 resolution looks fine. I had 2 previous LCD Monitors before and when i ran them at any non native resolutions, the display looked fine. Does anyone have a 30" LCD Monitor and does it still look good at non native resolutions?

I would say it depends on different models and their manufacturers. It could be that your monitor may be faulty. Have you checked with the manufactureras to what is the reason? But then again i'm assuming their most obvious reply is that the 1280x800 is what they recommend. I'd say ask them and see if they could help you out on this one.


If you have an LCD Monitor, can you tell me if you set it at a non native resolution does it still look fine and decent? I'm not talking about the loss of sharpness you normally lose when you set things at low resolutions, but it actually looks blurry and out of focus like you are wearing glasses or vice versa.

Sorry flash...m still in the 20th century man. I have been plannin to get a lcd screen for a bit now but so far the plan has not taken a practical shape as yet. But m sure we ll have loads of members who would be able to help you on this issue.

So guys what do you say, anyone up for trying the resolution change and provide answers please.