I was browsing xoxide recently when I noticed these cases. http://www.xoxide.com/vtech.html The 7105H looked especially nice. has anyone heard about these cases before? I understand that they are relatively new and it's unlikely that people have too much experience with them, just curious. Thanks.

Looks like a fine case, if I may say so myself. Looks are somewhat appealing, and the rails seem like they'd be convenient.

Actually, I appreciate you bringing this link to my attention, at least--I actually have an application that would work nicely with that plain-jane black desktop case!

Looks very Stylin! Nice choice. I have heard of them, just never actually seen one up close and personal. :-)

i havent heard of them but i have seen other overclockers use them and by looking at the pictures on the website they are very similar to coolermasters (the fixing mounts and the simple build inside) and if overclockers will use them then you cant go too wrong check out the coolermaster cavalier cases similar with the fixings but simple designs i ahbe two of them in black very nice :mrgreen:

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