My Dell Inspiron 1501 will not power on either from battery or mains adaptor (which works fine with Latitude D600).

Connected to mains none of the inspiron indicators are lit. I've tried removing battery and mains lead then pressing power-on button for at least a minute then reconnecting mains but still no life.

Any suggestions re a fix or what may need replacing ?:(

Remove everything you can from the box. RAM, HDD, CDROM, Keyboard, external devices. Try getting lights with only the AC Adapter plugged in.

Also check where the AC Adapter plugs into the motherboard, you will see the pin. Check to see if that is broken or very loose. Laptop motherboards have a small plug in them connected with 2-3 points of solder, sometimes that breaks.

If you get nothing from the machine when you press power it is most likely a bad motherboard. I would try removing the memory from the bottom of the machine but most times it is just a faulty board. If you are not sure about the warranty on the machine you can always check the support site for dell, even if you bought the machine from someone else you can have the warranty transfered. If there is no warranty left you will have to search around on the web to find it at a reasonable price.

The thread is from 2009 but I will post it for the records.
If your inspiron 1501 won't even start up (black screen from the time you power it up) do this.

1. Unplug the AC cable
2. Power the pc on with just the battery and leave it there in the black screen for 20-30 min.
3. Shut it down, then power it up again and that should solve the problem (it worked for me).

It could be a mobo/ac/battery problem, who knows.