I am having trouble installing a new video card. My current build is an Epox EP-8HDA5+ mobo with an AMD Athlon 64 3000+ CPU and a ATI All-In-Wonder 9600 video card.

I upgraded to an ATI x1300 512mb video card and on installing it I cant get a signal to my monitor. Monitor is Samsung syncmaster 941bw with DVI and VGA inputs...

Any ideas? Do I have a compatibility problem?

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Do I have a compatibility problem?

didn't you check before buying it to see it was compatible.
if this is your board . http://www.epox.com/usA/product.asp?id=EP-8HDA5plus , then yes it's a miss match the new video card is pci-e and your board has agp video slot and 5 regular pci slots only,no pci-e[express] slots

Do people actually try to help you in this forum? Or, is it that the extent of help you get is one dude asking if you read the box before purchasing...

There is a slight problem... that card won't work with your motherboard... because the card requires "AGP 8X bus" and your motherboard only has "AGP/VGA Slot: 1 (4x mode @ 1.5v, 8x)" - now i "think" that is why it might not work..... not 100% sure!

Now... i would say your motherboard doesn't support the video card...

Also just be patient on a reply!



sorry Dude ! but i work for a living ,try and help for free !not always here ,always there !
above poster sounds correct ,

You came to US, we didn't come to YOU. If you have a problem, please post the question like you did with as much detail as you can, but understand that by suggesting that you double check the box to make sure it's compatable isn't necessarily being snide, a lot of people that come on here overlook this seemingly basic step - we take nothing for chance around here. I'm sure it wasn't meant to offend. So please relax, and be thankful for these guys taking time out of their day to answer your questions.

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