hello everyone,, i hope u can help with this ,, my new pc is like that:cpu celeron(d) 3000mhz ,cash 512kb , mb foxconn 945 ,2gb of ram ,vga geforce 8400 gs 512 mb ,hdd 80 gb,,,
the problem is that my pc is not strong that much with games ,so sould i change the cpu to better one or the vga card ? i think 2gb of ram is pretty enough for most games .

Definitely the vga card. While a new CPU would be good (I'd recommend a cheap E6600) a new graphics card would give you the most boost, as that's your weakest link at the moment.

Perhaps one of those great value 8800GT cards. ATI have cheaper cards that do perform better for the dollars, but I can't recommend them because their drivers can be unreliable, letting them down badly in some games.

Always look at your mobo manufacturer's website before buying new parts for it (CPU especially)

Let us know how you get on.

well infact my friend i bought a new p4 cpu (3.2 with 2 mb of cash ) an xfx geforce 8600gt vga card and now i feel that i have a gamer pc with good price specialy when i play the assassin's creed , it runs smoothly with meduim details ;)

Nice one, congrats on your purchase :) I too am looking to upgrade soon. Assassin's Creed is a great game, some don't like it but I love it.

So solved? (there's a solved button somewhere on this page for you to click)

upgrade to:



Core 2 duo E7300 (if 45nm is supported)

and you'll beat the $#!+ out of most games.

get rid of celeron for sure. upgrading the vga won't hurt, but get rid of the celeron, and get Core2Duo, at least, do what forumdude said.

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