Hello, when I turn my computer on, I get a boot failure, but I can't open the cd rom drive to check for a disk or put a disk in to help it boot.
I assume the failure to boot and the lack of power to the cd rom drive is connected. ?
Any help or adive would be greatly appreciated.

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Try to open it from your "My Computer" side.

Click on "My Computer" then right click the cd drive and choose "eject"

This may work if your OS is XP.

Thanks for getting back to me quickly Kraai.
Unfortunately my computer does not boot up to the point that I can get to "My Computer".
I get a Boot Failure message and am asked to check my disk drive or enter a Boot disk. But I can't do that because it won't open?
I even tried the paper clip trick, but since there is no power to the drive it won't open.

use a screw driver and then open it up.. then slide the plastic lid inside the cd rom located in line with the pin hole for manual ejection of tray.

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