Hello Everybody!

Im Having Trouble With My Monitor It Won't Show An Image. I Disconnected It N Pluged It Back In But Nothing.

Please Somebody Help Me......


I know this sounds stupid, but are you completely sure that your monitor's plugged in? If that's not the case, are you sure your monitor is compatible with your Mac? What brand is your monitor?

Several things to check:

1) Some monitors have multiple inputs (usually VGA and DVI connectors) and have a switch to change between them. This can either by a physical switch or alternatively you've got to select the right input through a menu on the monitor.

2) If the monitor is working, but not receiving a signal, the monitor will usually display something to that affect on the screen. Does it appear to be receiving a signal at all?

3) Check cables. If necessary try changing the cables for a set that's known to work (borrow from friends, neighbours .. or work). If using DVI to VGA convertors, try changing them for a different module.


yes the moniter is an apple monitor it came together and i plugged in the monitor to the back of the computer it only has one cord. the lil on lite at the bottom turns on but no image is displayed.