Hi all... just after some help with my monitor.

When scrolling it shows some yellow or purple lines. I have included a screenshot.

When I try another monitor and cable the problem is still there.

When I try running the graphics off the motherboard instead of my radeon 9800xt the problem is still there.

I have run virus scan and adaware to no effect.

It is mainly visible on white screens but blurs words all over.

The problem also heightens and lessens in intensity for no apparent reason.

any ideas ? any help would really be appreciated.

cheers ! :mrgreen:


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Thats a serious problem, the first thing I would check is the graphics card, but i see you have tried that, it may seem like a long shot but you should make sure the connections on your motherboard are fine.
Your PC may have a virus that your virus has not found so I think your last option would be to format your hard disk and start again.

I'm sure someone on the forum can give you a better answer though.

did you ever get this problem resolved ?
I haev just got the same problem and can't seem to figure out what is causing it

Me, too. Help?

I have had the problem with the bands. It took me a while to realise that it was the cooling, all I did was placed a bigger fan in front of it and the problem went away, when I did some heat testing the card was extremley hot without adding another fan to it. Try hocking up another fan.

Hello all:

Since last week a vertical line white in color is appearing on my LCD monitor display, i'm using Acer Asprire series laptop, if any one has the solution for this problem please share with me, quich response will be highly appreciated. Thnx in advance Raju


Either the monitor is going bad or the video card is going bad. If you can get your hands on a spare monitor, try swapping it out and see if the lines are still there. If they are, then the problem is with the video card. You'll want to replace the video card if that is the case.


Ram modules can also cause vertical lines on a monitor.It's hard to believe but i have experienced it multiple times.The ram is detected by the system,yet the display is corrupt.If you open up the pc and touch the ram modules the lines go away.This is very rare yet a possible cause and easily overlooked.


The video card could be over heating which causes what you are seeing, lines can also be called "Artifacts". Try opening the side of your case and see if you see these lines. Also, it could be a driver issue, try cleaning out your drivers using Driver Cleaner, and reinstalling the appropriate drivers.
If you have another computer, if the video card is a expansion video card (Meaning you have it in a PCI/AGP/PCI-E slot) try it in another computer to see if the problem persists, if so your card is probably bad and needs to be replaced.


Also check to see if there are any magnets near the screen or hard drive.


It could probably tell that either the screen is becomming defective or your video/graphic card is overheating or starting to die/fail.

Viruses don't cause vertical lines to appear unless it making it display it.

yeah me too, it appear in vertical lines(2) blue and green a cm away from each other i dunno whats the problem heeeeeeeeeelp!!!! i think the more time that i didnt resolve this the more time that the lines are multiplying..

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