I have aquired an ALR Revolution 6X6 server, which will support up to 6 Pentium Pro processors. It came factory with a pair of 200 MHz/512K cache processors. I have a pair of 200 MHz/256K cache processors spare. My question is, can I use both cache sizes on the same board? Can I perhaps get away with running the two 512 chips on one processor board, and the two 256 chips on another. The system holds two processor boards, three sockets on each. You are supposed to fill one board before starting on the other, but the factory configuration is one processor on one board, and the second on the other. Thanks for the help!

Oh, and one other thing: Am I likely to hurt anything by trying to run the different cache sizes together?

i cant see any problem with putting different cache sizes together. and i definitly cant see the possiblity it will wreck anything. if anythng it just wont turn on. and u take out the cpu's and run it without them. i would put one cpu on each board so the boards are symetrical.
hope this helps

As an update to this thread, I tried running the different processors, and all works fine. I did put the two 256k chips on one CPU board, and the two 512k chips on the other. So far, I've had no issues.