I have a Toshiba satellite a135-s4527, it's a a little over a year old. Everything worked fine until one of my ac power cords just stopped working. so i replaced it and the new cord worked perfect but it somehow got bent up and that made wires poke out and it would occasionally spark. i removed that cord and of course after a day or two until the battery went dead.

I got a new Toshiba cord but my computer would not turn on at all. So i figured maybe it was the battery, so i got a brand new battery and my computer turned on, until the battery went dead because i didn't have nothing to charge it with. so now i have a new cord and battery and it won't turn on. the ac cord power light blinks while the cord is plugged in but that's all. if the power supply was dead i don't think the light would be able to blink would it? plus sometimes it may start but then cut off. and with the new battery it did work for a day so it's not dead. i don't know what the problem could be or how i could fix it ASAP. any suggestions?? Thanks!

Here's your clue "it would occasionally spark". This usually results in burned batt. contacts inside, hit it just right and everythings o.k., if not, you already know what happens. Not a e z fix for the average E U. Pro technical service personel or equivilant.