I have a dell dimension 8200 running a 2.26 ghz p4 & upgrading to 3.06 ghz p4 with ht.
how do i enable the bios setting, if at all possible on the dell
Regards, solman

Try Advanced Settings or Chipset settings instead.

nope, if your dell didnt ship with an HT processor, you cant enable it

Dells have very limited BIOS options.

thanks for the advice but i just found out how to do it, when i installed the 3.06 cpu with hyperthreading capabilites., the bios menu showed up the setting to enable it. which wasnt there with the 2.26 cpu. the 3.06 is the only cpu in the 533mhz fsb to have the option the motherboard is capable but its the cpu that determines the setting.

thanks for taking the time to help, i hope my info was of any use for further reference.
Regards, solman