Can someone point me to where I might get a hold of fan schematics for a Compaq ML570 G1 /G2 server and of a 4300 series drive array. THe equipment is great but far too noisy for a media server environment. I need to slow these fans down to drop the noise level but not so much that the systems detect a error situation. I'm thinking a simple 30 ohm resistor inserted in the proper wire, but unlike the old days there are 6 connectors on the server fan and 9 on the psu/drive rack fans.

Help please.


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start with contacting Compaq .that is unless you already tried that.
I know noting about servers but what about in the Bios ,some normal computer have this option in the bios to turn down fans


Compaq won't talk to me about this, stating "any mechanical or electrical modifications will violate their design specifications that could lead to system or component failure"
I can see why they take this stance their system are designed for max. reliability and typically are installed in custom built server rooms to support a corporate base. What I probably should have looked at and purchased was a high end workstation rather than a server. But since it's too late to change course on this I'll have to deal with it.

One thing I'm looking at is putting in sound reduction materials in the rack around the noisy equipment in addition to fan modifications.

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