Hi, i really need help and i think its a simple problem im just not really good with hardware.

I have a 20" samsung syncmaster, an awesome screen, however the colors are all messed up. I tested the screen on my laptop and works great. So the problem is in the desktop. It is an old dell optiplex gx270, 2gb ram, i think its pentium 4, 2.80GHZ. I have 2 questions,

1. Obviously the graphics card inside isnt working good cause i tried everything, updating, resoloution, drivers, all. So i decided to buy a new card. I bought this one : ]nVidia GeForce FX5200 AGP 128mb DDR Dual DVI Dell F1810. Will it work with my computer? if yes is it a good card for using photoshop and other graphic programs from Adobe. If not what do you suggest i get? im on a limited budget. However, if this will work okay then i will stick to it.
Also, does it have to have a cable with it?

Second question,

2. Scanning my system with crucial memory scan from crucial.com, it says my computer will hold up to 4gb ram. I have 2gb now, 1gb stick x2. I want to upgrade to 4 but when i installed these 2 1gb sticks i did not see anymore slots for anymore ram to be installed, even though it says there is 4 slots for 4 gb. How can i do that? can i buy 2gb sticks anywhere? and install 2gb and 2gb in 2 slots?

Im sorry if im rambling too much but i really need help cause i just bought this lcd monitor brand new and really want it to work correctly.

Thanks alot. Waiting for your help. Much appreciated.


Why is no one helping or replying to me? IS my question stupid or something like that? should i post it somewhere else?

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