Hi, i really need help and i think its a simple problem im just not really good with hardware.

I have a 20" samsung syncmaster, an awesome screen, however the colors are all messed up. I tested the screen on my laptop and works great. So the problem is in the desktop. It is an old dell optiplex gx270, 2gb ram, i think its pentium 4, 2.80GHZ. I have 2 questions,

1. Obviously the graphics card inside isnt working good cause i tried everything, updating, resoloution, drivers, all. So i decided to buy a new card. I bought this one : ]nVidia GeForce FX5200 AGP 128mb DDR Dual DVI Dell F1810. Will it work with my computer? if yes is it a good card for using photoshop and other graphic programs from Adobe. If not what do you suggest i get? im on a limited budget. However, if this will work okay then i will stick to it.
Also, does it have to have a cable with it?

Second question,

2. Scanning my system with crucial memory scan from crucial.com, it says my computer will hold up to 4gb ram. I have 2gb now, 1gb stick x2. I want to upgrade to 4 but when i installed these 2 1gb sticks i did not see anymore slots for anymore ram to be installed, even though it says there is 4 slots for 4 gb. How can i do that? can i buy 2gb sticks anywhere? and install 2gb and 2gb in 2 slots?

Im sorry if im rambling too much but i really need help cause i just bought this lcd monitor brand new and really want it to work correctly.

Thanks alot. Waiting for your help. Much appreciated.


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Why is no one helping or replying to me? IS my question stupid or something like that? should i post it somewhere else?

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