Lately I have been having some problams with my pc, I built this new and 64 system and have a $80 520watt PS that is good, so it cant be coming from my OS, but sometimes when I plug a USB device in the fron USB ports my pc restarts, and also when I like touch things around my pc the pc restarts, its like it can read my mind and wants to piss me off, I am thinking something isnt grounded but I dont know what.

I have a AMD 64 3400+
1024Mb PC3200
520Watt powersupply

Sounds like a wiring problem in the AC input side of your Pwr Sup. If you have a volt meter, put it into the AC mode and put one lead on the chassis of the tower case, and one lead into the ground pin (3rd pin) of your polarized AC wall outlet. See if you read any voltage. If you have the neutral & hot reversed going into the Pwr Sup, you'll read 120 VAC or some voltage (depends on the ground isolation built into the Pwr Sup). You should read zero volts if it's wired correctly.

yeah but I had this PS on my celeron system for about a month before I installed the amd 64 and it never did this. thats why I thought it was a grounding problem.

is a static shock enough to shut off a pc if its not grounded right?

Do you have a restart button on the front of the pc? It could have a loose connection that could cause this.

Do you have a restart button on the front of the pc? It could have a loose connection that could cause this.

aww man guys im sorry, the pc donest restart and go back on it shuts off, so for the mix up, it just like shuts off randomly when I touch somethings, like today I was burning a dvd and it shut off on me ruining the dvd. other times i go to plug on my Ipod or camera and as soon as the usb touches the usb port the pc shuts off.

Hi !

My Computer doesn't start up at all anymore, right after the Windows XP Logo disappears it randomly restarts. My Bios and Drivers are up to date and in default mode, can you tell me what is wrong? I think it's because of my power suply but i don't know why!!



in both cases it sounds like a fault in either the software you are using or with the motherboard itself. in the case with the AMD problem it sounds more like a conflict between drivers. this often happens

Does it happen on all of the usb ports? Or just the front or just the back ones?(case mounted ones or motherboard ones)