Hey all,

I was wondering if someone might be able to help me out. My problem isn't trying to get something to work, but to perform. I'm running a good spec - 2.8GHz P4, 1gb RAM, 180GB hard drive, Radeon 9200 (not the best, but not bad!)... and Hitman Contracts is running at total snail pace!

The recommended specs are 1.6 GHz and 256 RAM... I have more than double this speed and I'm still not getting any performance.

Any ideas why this might be?


Not bad? Heck, that beats the heck outta my computer....

Radeon 9200 huh... hmm...

The best I could say is... check your game settings... What's your memory on that 9200, it could be that, or it could stand to be OC'd...

Other than that, I have no clue.

It's 128mb.. which should be plenty. I wouldn't even know where to begin to OC it :(

I'm thinking it's the video card as well. The 9200 is very much at the bottom of the ladder in terms of 3D performance - it's based on technology which originally competed with the Geforce 3. 128Mb of onboard memory won't make much of a difference - it pains me to see 256Mb versions of this chipset!

Update to the latest drivers (uninstalling the previous ones beforehand) and lower the graphical detail.

I'm currently looking at buying a GeForce 6600 GT. This should solve all my problems, no? :)

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