how can i fix this problem im installing all the nessary software and hardware on my pc but my monitors is not functioning. " the monitor is not functioning.

hope you help me to fix this problem

thanks and more power!!!!

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Do you have multiple video cards? If so try the other video card.

i have one graphics card gforce i already clean it then after i clean the video card i put again nothing change

thanks for reply to my problem hope you help me i want to fix this problem on my own for my experince

thanks and more power


after i play games then i off my computer...... then after that when i open again my computer my monitor is on black not functioning......


What happens when you start up in Safe Mode?
If it is OK then your monitor is not faulty.
Also,you could try connecting the monitor to the onboard graphics.
Ensure it is not disabled in the Hardware Manager or BIOS.
Again,if all seems well,then your monitor is OK.
If this is so then your graphics card may be faulty.

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