i have ASUS M2N-E mobo with AMD 64x2 3800+ 2GHz with geforce 7100 GS gfx card.
five days ago some wire burnt smell was there. then i 've opened the casing and checked everything. fine the pc worked. two days ago the pc didnt boot after succesful shutdown.
the cpu fan rotates for a while and stops. i hav removed all other components except one ram hdd.but no response. then all the power connections i've re-fixed. then i could see the wires from SMPS release some smoke and even i can sense high temp in the wires form smps to the components..
is it the psu problem or other problm.
i know anyway hav to go for new psu..but whts the reason..
can any body pls help me out

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probably was just the power supply !! if you are lucky you may not have damaged anything else ,you got your warning when you first smell something burning !you should have stopped using the computer then and had it looked at .hopefully you did nt ruin the motherboard !

yeah you should really have stopped using it and got a new psu when it smelt wierd

you have probably killed everything

Sounds like a burned out PSU. With luck it was just that, but there's a good chance that any component connected to one of the damaged wires will be shot.

ya. thank you for sparing some time..
i too guess that component connected to burnt wire might have short. its trying to draw more current. i will take the system to some expert. let him check n tell..what are the problem(s).
surprising is the pc got booted when i sensed the smoke..

They do that sometimes. It will only fail to boot if the motherboard , hard drive, or GPU is seriously damages. I've seen CD roms, floppies, or fans fried without interfering with boot.

As you noted, you expect to be out another PSU if nothing else. Cause is probably direct connection to wall. Even a modest computer grade power strip would have helped prevent. If you had one, expect it died pre-event. Even better, a UPS with more than sufficient capacity for your system. I use both.

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