I've had the card for a couple of years and have had to take it out after about a week of perfect operation. The problem is that when I turn on my computer all of the fans run allout and the computer won't even boot. I have an HP a420n desktop. Please help!!!

Does it boot when you put another card in? I don't see why a defective card would cause the problems that you are describing. It sounds like it isn't getting to the BIOS, at least with your fans running all out.

It boots just fine when I have the stock card in. THe problem seems to arise after about a week or so after putting in the card. Do you think it might be a cooling or powersupply problem?

Ok so you have booted it fine with the stock card since the problem started happening?

Well then I don't think it is a cooling problem since the card ran fine for a while. That shouldn't effect boot up unless it the overheating shutdown thing on the motherboard was still triggered, which I don't think is the case since you can boot it fine with the other card.

It could be not getting enough power to boot up, but again it is strange that it worked fine for a week without problems.

The card could be dead. Besides that I am out of ideas. Hope you can find some useful info from someone.