Heres my question, I have an emachines w2646 with 256 ram in it, and I want to upgrade to 512 or better. The local Staples doesnt carry the type I need, but do I have to go thru to buy it or can I buy some from Tigerdirect or another supplier?

Ok, dude plz listen to me and trust me, if your gonna upgrade the ram, either take out your current stick and buy two new ones, or go to and buy it there.

I had an old emachines and installed a stick of ultra 512MB in with the emachines 245Mb and my pc went haywire, it would restart randomly and sometimes perform slow.

Hey man watch out when going to buy memory for Emachines. I currently own an emachine, a 550 emonster. I tell ya i went through hell to find out what was its maximum memory capacity. I made sure i knew before i went to go buy because, i was planning on buying a 512mb, good thing i didn't because the maximum that my motherboard can handle would be 256mb ram. I just made a search and did not find ne thing conclusive bout the max memory for the w2646 but make sure to contact the emachines before doing n e buying and realising that ur computer starts restarting whenever it wants etc.

make sure to visit

Good luck!

Thanks for the quick replies everyone. I installed and ran the everest program I found elsewhere on this site and it told me amazing things about my comp. I think I can go with 2 512's easy, 'cause it says my max memory is 2 gb. Of course, I dont want to lay out that much cash on an older machine to max it all the way out, but 1024 would probably make it run sweet =)

Im glad i was able to help! Have fun! You lucky guy ... mn i wish i was able to get 2 gig ram... hehe Take care!

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