Before Christmas my computer went ballistic! To cut a very long story short I have managed to sort it all except one...... I cannot get my modem to work. I think it is a lucent modem?....... I am sure it is? and although I have located it I cannot get anything to work? I have no software as per usual with new comps, and am unable to access the internet using it. (Obviously). I am currently on my other laptop which is naff! Does anyone know how to set up the modem and any configuration that needs to be undertaken? Everything was wiped off my laptop after it went mental.....Everything! I need a step by step account so I know where I went wrong.

Thank you

Phantom (Anna)

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If you are using windows you need to go to the device manager tab and look for modems in the list if you see it and you see a question mark or some other mark to the right of it you should right click on it and choose properties, when you get to properties click on reinstall driver, this is where you will have to download the right driver if you do not have your drivers on hand which means you should download the right driver for you modem before you follow the steps outlined.

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