Hi, I borrowed from a friend an Mobile Action IR device,Model MA-620 that works.I have used it with my mobile phone a SIEMENS S-65.The Siemens software seems to connect through IR 1 out of 10 attempts for no reason.I am able though of senting files to PC through IR device software but only one at a time!!!On the contrary SIEMENS software has an Explorer so I can drag as many files I want to my PC...but I can't use it any time I want as I said.Is there a possible explanation to this connectivity compatibility problem????Thank you. :?:

I'm looking at this as a possible answer to your question, but I will still investiage further since you say it connects every now and then:

Compatible list

• NOKIA 3200, 6600, 6820, 8910i, 8910, 8890, 8855, 8850, 8390, 8310, 8290, 8250, 8210, 7650, 7210, 7190, 7110, 6800, 6610, 6510, 6500, 6310, 6310i, 6250, 6210, 6100, 5210, 5100, 3650(use 7650 driver), 7250
• MOTOROLA Timeport 260, P7389i
• SIEMENS SL56, SL55/SL5C, S35i/3568i, S45/ME45/3618/6618 , SL45/SL42/6688
• SONY-ERICSSON T610/T616/T630, P900, P800, Z600, R320sc, R520, T39, T68/T68i, T300, T310
• SAMSUNG E715, E105, X105, P400, P408, V205, V206, A300, A308, A400, A408 Infrared transfer rate must be set at 57.6kbps