hello friends,

my bad,i bought a new WD 160 SATA HD's and realized my Motherboard does not supp it AFTER opening the pack.
so is it possible to connect the newer SATA HD's to the older mother boards?

Motherboard-Intel D845GVSR
OS-Windows XP PRO

thank you

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OK friends after some goggling this is what ive found out.
i will have to but a PCI card to which i can connect my SATA drive right?
-and will that need extra power cables?
and then i will have to buy a cable that will connect my old IDE drive to PCI card,right?and -again will i need diff. powering cables?

and most importantly,do these PCI adapters work on every mobos?inc mine?

pls help friends
thank you

You should just be able pick up a simple adapter for the bus and the same goes for the power. I know thats the way it goes for ide hdd to sata board.


thanks mate,
I'm going to look what i can get today,just one more Q.
will these adapters work on all mobo's?

PCI to SATA controller such as this should work. That card should work with any motherboard that has PCI slots.

Thats right you shouldnt have any trouble. Good luck

thank you guys
but i have a prob.
the adapter which i got is this one(not the PCI one)

i connected everything i.e that module onto the mobo in place of my DVD ROM and connected the power cable.NOTE that the power cable is connected to the module rather than the HD itself,but my HD does not power on.?
will i have to get a coverter that connects the HD directly to the power cable?

You have to connect power to the HD. It looks like the white molex connector connects to a lead from the power supply, then to the HD.

OK CONNECTED EVERYTHING BUT bios does not recognize my SATA HD.xp is installed on my IDE HD.
should i download any drivers?
help pls.

You probably need to format it.
Right-click My Computer/Manage/Disk Management
Look for an "Unallocated" drive, right-click to Format NTFS . Quick format is fine.

and how should i set the Jumper?

well i cant load windows which is on my IDE HD when the SATA is connected.

anything to with the Jumper?
i haven't kept any.

ok i can load windows now...Jumper is on Master in the IDE HD but BIOS and XP don't detect my SATA.

XP detects "a new hardware"
but i have no drivers?
what do i do?


it does not appear in My Computer as a drive.

but there is an "Unknown Device" under "IDEATA/ATAPI controllers" in the device manager.

Read the instructions I posted.

phew,at last all good guys,everything is working now.:)

thank you.

ok one more prob!
i can only get 120gb off my 160gb SATA!?
is it couse my Mobo is old?

Did you format NTFS?
Do you have XP SP2?
There may be a BIOS update available for your board.

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