I had a older keyboard where I cut the attachment end off and tried to splice it to a newer keyboard that had a P2 connection.


I needed the older pin connector.

Being an old wireman in the military I figured this would be a snap.

Got it all stripped and wired red to red, green to green and so on . . .

However, there was one white on one cord and a brown one on the other.

A ground wire was also there so I spliced those two together and commenced to wire the white to the brown being very skeptical about doing this.

Plugged in the hybrid keyboard into and older computer using the older connection and my machine would not boot.

I keep getting the message that the computer can not find the keyboard re: keyboard error or no keyboard present.

I can not get into the bios to set the computer to read my boot up disk as even that requires a keystroke.

Is there a way around this or did I fry the board at the keyboard port?

Thanks folks for all of your talents.


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Shot in the dark: try using a keyboard that hasn't been ghettoed... if the message persists, then you have probably killed your port.


Thanks for the suggestion. I did that and I still get the same message. Now, the question becomes is it worth it to try and save the port/board or just upgrade.



I would say upgrade - a board is useless without a keyboard

On the other hand, if you know an electrical engineer type, you could always get him/her to have a look at it. Having said that, boards start off at about $20, so what's the point?


my sister is facing a problem with her keyboard, her pc is showing the (keyboard missing) message and that you have to press a key for login or another to enter setup,
now after placing a new keyboard it tell her before logging in that some memory (forgot the name) is full,

I once had this problem , and someone directed me to enter setup before windows starts and done some steps there that should empty that memory (from the messages of the keyboard errors) , but I cant get holf of him now,,

Can anyone help? :@
Thank You...


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