Hello all.

My main hard disk is failing[C:], according to SMART, so I purchased another
one[F:]. Both are from Western Digital, so I used their tool included in order
to clone the current failing hard disk[C:] onto my new disk[F:]. All went well,
except the program said it could not copy four files, but they were not
necessary for the OS to work. These files were:
F:\System Volume Information\MountPointManagerRemoteDatabase
F:\System Volume Information\tracking.log
F:\System Volume

After the cloning is successful, I shut down my computer, remove the cables
and power from the main, failing hard disk [C:], and switch the jumpers on my new drive [F:] to default (master solo) and plug in the main ribbon for the
hard disk. I then boot my machine, and windows loads.

However, when I reach the logon screen, I enter my Username/Password and the next splash box comes up that says "Loading Personal Settings..." After
this, the words "Loading Personal Settings..." disappear, but the box is
still loading as the color bar is changing. Then about a minute and a half
later, it says "Saving Personal Settings..." and then "Logging Off." It then
returns me to the Username/Password screen. So, basically, I cannot login.
Anyone have any solutions to this?

(P.S., if I can do it without a floppy disk, that is much better as my
machine does not have a floppy drive. However, I can purchase a cheap one if its necessary. I just need this drive.)

Thanks for the help and time in advance.

Re: HD Failing Cloning Issues 80 80

Try booting the old drive and turning off system restore - found in system properties. That will delete the restore files. I'd also recommend running a scandisk like program on the drive to identify the bad sectors and attempt to save the files that are using bad sectors elsewhere. With that done, attempt another clone and all should go smoothly.

http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/ may help in your quest.

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