Help my screen turns white and my pc makes horrible noises!!!i restart and it made horrible noise but no white screen i click mute ten minutes later and it shuts off what the heck is going on!!

If you are using the integrated one then there must surely be a problem with you motherbaord im afraid if its fried but before coming to any conclusion just check that with an IT professional.

if its a graphics card then i would recommend that you try another one on your pc.

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Geez, now I feel guilty as I am having the same problem, but with a Dell 15" I bought from John the Junkman for $25. You think after using the monitor for 7 months with no other problems I got ripped off? I think I might try the soldering trick and if that doesn't work, the hammer trick and get my $25 back in frustration satisfaction.

my flat screen monitor goes white

When I click on the full screen logo, my monitor gpes white and I have to shut down to bring it back to normal This happens on You Tube, Aol.etc...Need help.

mine is when i switch my youtbe on full screen it turns white ... what is its problem. please help me.

You have some blown capacitors on the power board, take it apart and replace all the blown capacitors problem solved... hope this helps

with electronics it is about always soldering problems. you should consult a technicien or i advice u to take ur screw driver and open it. and have a careful visuale inspection. pay attention for not touching capacitors when the screen is off. touch the componants smothly and see if it is ok if so u have just to take ur soldering iron and solder.

To alc6379.. thanks.. my mom found one in the trash, and it had the same problem.. turned on and then white screen.. tried your method and it worked! awesome.

Mine is a Benq Q9CS 19". Looks fine when starting up - i.e. goes through the dos sequence and the text on screen looks fine, but when it gets to windows, then I get the white screen.

Is this the same problem and is it worth taking the display to my local pc hospital?



Try using an external monitor to test it out. Your graphica card may need to be replaced or there is a ribbon cable connecting the display to the motherboard. Reseat the graphic card and chekc whether the cable is loose.

Help my screen is only turning white under a certain user account on my laptop. If I log on to another user Im fine. So it cant be the connections... :(

This article may be dead but this specific problem still exist and nobody has made a clear comment on the problem resolve. I have two HP L1710 monitors with the white screen problem arising after about twenty minutes of operation. I can push the auto-adjust and the monitor will work fine for about 20 seconds then does it again. Or, I can power it off and back on and it will last fine once again for about 20 seconds. Now after the monitor sits in the off mode for about a half hour, I turn it back on it will work fine for about 20 minutes and then start the whole ordeal all over again! Any comments about what is causing this problem?

Sounds like the LVDS board is dying/dead. If you can take it back, do so. If not, you could probably buy a replacement board from HP, but it might be cheaper to buy a new monitor.

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