ok, i have a laptop and i wanted to run a game off of my external hard drive. I know it is possible but i was wondering what the best way to go about it is. My computer has USB 2.0 and an HDMI slots. I know you can run it off of a USB 2.0 but i guess that it will be slow, thats what ive read at lease. I dont think that a converter to firewire will work either because it is still going through the USB port which wont increase speed, at least that is what i think i dont know if it is actually true or not. But can you run it off of a HDMI slot, and if so will it be any faster? Also if i were to buy a firewire card would it use its full capibilities or will it still be slow because i dont want to but a card but it not be fast enough.


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i dont think that you can do this from HDMI as this is a media format, as for the usb 2.0 it should be fine seeing as you should get about 20mb/s atleast from a external drive. i guest it the only way for you to know if it will work is to actually try it! but i can rally c why it wont work.

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