I am looking to use faster HDDs for my main system disk. Is RAID 5 a good choice (with 3x 15000 SAS HDDs)? I know that RAID 0 is faster, but I want redundancy without too great of compromise. Is there any speed advantages to RAID 1? Also, I am likely going to buy a 3ware 9690-4I SAS controller card (8x PCIe); will this work in a mobo with PCIe-x16 with a x4 electrical bus (I have 2x Graphics Cards in X-Fire in the other 2 PCIe-x16)? Thanks to any1 brave enough to brave this barrage of questions, U guyz r the best;) ~Mav.

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Also worth noting, the 74Gb Raptor and 250Gb Hitachi are being removed and another 750Gb Samsung is likely to be added in the near future (to be mirrored / RAID 1 with the 1st), running out of case room. ~Mav.


with three drives the only options are raid1+HS, raid0 or raid5

raid0 will be fastest, raid1+HS will be the most redundant

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U R the best, thanks for the info ;)

Thanks for the response Dima. What about the card, does anyone know if a PCIe-x8 card will operate in a mobo with PCIe-x16 with a PCIe-x4 electrical?

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