Hi Gang,
Does anyone know where I can purchase a fan for my older model gateway notebook M675? My gateway M675 was making this terrible loud grinding noise (I suspected it was the internal fan) and after several minutes of being powered on and running online, etc. the unit would completely shut off on me with no warning whatsoever. After letting it sit for days, trying it again with same thing happening, I let it sit for about two months. In the meantime trying to contact customer support with gateway and MPC (company that bought gateways M675 and is now in bankruptcy...with no luck. I did some googling and found this website. Hopefully someone out there can direct me where I can purchase a fan for this unit. It is the internal fan (I am guessing in the motherboard?). I had purchased a new external fan because this unit does tend to get extremely hot....and the external fan WAS helping. But now the internal fan died because when I tried to boot up the unit the other day...a message on the screen said for me to check the fan. So...here I am...any suggestions welcomed!!! Thank you in advance.

Hi, I have the same problem with my M675---the grinding, fan noise...and shuts off after several minutes of operation. I have not been able to use this (as you say) heavyweight for about 4 months now. I bought the laptop/notebook (I like to say laptop, because notebook would appear to be a much lighter unit...this is big, bulky and heavy...but it is a good computer otherwise. I absolutely LOVE the nice 17" screen/monitor! To be honest, I mainly use it as a desktop PC instead of carring it around everywhere due to it's weight. And since my main PC (desktop) has "died" and is sitting under my desk...because there is a lot of info on my hard drive that I don't want to lose completely...I am keeping it there until I have time to look into fixing it. Anyway....the gateway M675....I purchased it from HSN (on TV) about 4 years ago and have had to send it in for repairs 3 times (while still under warranty). In the meantime, gatreway sold this model to a place called MPC. They (MPC) are now in bankruptcy and won't help in ANY way, neither will Gateway OR HSN. I am screwed so to speak! I am tired of sending this pony out to be fixed...I really don't want to break any warranty, etc. by having someone open it up to fix it, but what other choice do I have? Aside from junking it. I really don't want to go that route, so if you could tell me where I can buy a fan for this unit and would you recommend me taking it to a yoko loco for fan installation once I can find a fan and purchase it myself (saving bucks from the computer doctors/stores, etc. out there)...please help me in any way that you can. I did some googleing and found this site/forum. Thanks for listening and any future help you send my way. Greatly appreciated. THANKS!

First, you're right. It's 9 delicous pounds of Pentium 3, 800 FrontSideBus, no compromise goodness!! Second, you're correct again! If you don't know how to get the data off that HDD and that data is important, then you're screwed. There are ways to boot the machine from CD using a data recovery such as Active File Recovery Enterprise $99, or open the fan cover, disconnect the power lead to the fan that is making all the noise, boot the machine, get something running like FastLynx 3.3 and via Ethernet cable, get the data off that laptop onto another machine PRONTO, then get to fixing the laptop IF you're going to. NEXT, i havent found fankits to buy YET, thats the two fans and the heatsink all ready to go. costs $50 but can't find one YET. but, i am sure the fans can be replaced if you compare them to fans in a store that carries several fan styles. So, yes, you have to open it, its easy, just dont drop screws inside!! You'll need silver paste for the processor when you zip it all back up. I used WD40 and 91% alcohol to clean CPU and heat sink. Also blow out that copper heatsink assembly with canned air or use somebody's air compressor. all clean with fans and quality silver paste for CPU, you'll be good to go!


I know this thread was posted months ago, but I just came across it and thought I would go ahead and respond. I had the same problem with my m675 a couple of months back and my tech told me it was the fan assembly. The part was sold out everywhere except one place I found online. I think it was called laptops-we-r. They overcharged me, and I knew it... but they obviously knew they were the only ones with the part in the entire universe! So about three weeks later I finally get the part only to find out that the overheating caused by the bad fan had fried the motherboard. I scrapped the gateway, and bought a new laptop. Now I have a "system pull" heatsink and fan assembly in good working order that I plan to sell. I paid $100 (about twice what I expected to pay) but I would be happy to get $75 for it - plus shipping. As soon as I have time I plan to post it on ebay. Anyway, you wanted to know where to find one, and I have one so I thought I would put that out there. Good luck!


I SO WANT YOUR GATEWAY PARTS! So far my motherboard is alive...but need Large Fan Part Number UDQF25H11CQU and 3Z09E

Small Fan Part Number UDQF24H01CQU and 3Y13F

Heat Sink Part Number 8007645

according to my guru.

Can you still help??

oh well...thank you anyway...called my guru and he's already located the part...$125.00!! but it has a one year warranty on it.

thank you though for posting this...you were a help to me.