I have an Asus P5KSE mother board with marvell 88SE61xx-ADAPTOR-Bios ver.1.1.0.L64 on my system.I can not boot my computer from last time I restarted my computer.The following messsage appears: USB DEVICE OVER CURRENT STATUS DETECTED!! SYSTEM WILL SHUT DOWN AFTER 15 SEC.

I can not go to bios set up ,windows or safe mode or anything else.

Please help me urgently.

remove all the devices from your pc,this includes usb mouse,keyboards,pci devices and even screen cards(if you have onboard) now start the pc up and c if you have the same problem!? if so then disconnect the front usb ports from the motherboard as this could be shorting the mainboard! if this does not help then remove the mainboard from the case and start it up on a anti-static bag or something!if you still get the problem with bare minimum components connected then the only thing to do is try and reset the bios on the board with the jumpers and if this does not help then you will have to get a new board.let me know if i can help with anything else