Been a while since ive posted.

Ok so here is my problem.. i really hope you can all help

I have a custom-built PC

  • AM2 x2 5600+ Processor
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-M56S-S3
  • RAM: Generic RAM 3GB (Always been fine and its been tested)
  • W.D 250GB HDD
  • Nvidia 512MB 8800GT

Ok so my problem is. No POST, not a single Beep, the screen doesnt turn on at all. Now i've tested another working graphics card so it cant be the card, i also tested it on another sytem I have.

Now the PSU I originally had a really annoying fan noise.. the bearing was gonnee. I used a different PSU i had lying around.. i assumed it was good but it seemed to slow down my system badly. Vista used to show the Welcome screen for less than 2 seconds before this PSU was in.

No i have the dead system problem. Im planning on buying another Motherboard.. but does it sound like that is the only problem?
And yesss the PSU also is obviously a problem..

It could be either or both of two problems

PSU by your own estimation is not doing the job

A glitch on the latest PSU hosed the mobo.

We should really be diagnosing this with the right PSU.

Ok so what i did today was Put my Hard Drive, Gfx card and the same PSU into a system with a Different Motherboard, CPU and RAM

It works fine. Obviously specs are lower.. it has to be the motherboard. guess ill find out in a week or so since i gotta get a new one.