Hiya all. first time poster to these boards..kinda new to the pc building sceen. Anyways ive purchased all my bits and got it all up and running but im having a few problems. The aerocool coolview case looks amazing with the jet black look and the lcd display on the front but for some reason it just flashes red on and off constantly. Ive downloaded the gatewatch software but the panel wont let me change color but i can do everything else with it. Im not sure if this is relavant but ive chosen not to connect the cpu fan to the case and rather to the mothboard(asus deluxe) ive also noticed that there are 4 cables (i think they are fan monitors) that are from the case that i cant attach to anything(hdd,vga,cpu and case ). Any clues where im going wrong?

i have had the same problem so if you find any thing out let us no that flashy red light sucks eggs big time!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hi there this is my first time every helping any one i thought i should give somthing back as i have used sites like this alot~:mrgreen:

This here is how to fix the problems you guys are having it worked for me but if not, then i would say try repairing the softwear too if this dose not work thanks.

If you are running on XP and with the latest Service Pack installed, it
should have no problem with the USB port. If not, please update it with
the USB driver on Microsoft site or your motherboard maker site.
Once you got the above undated, please follow the steps below:

(1) Uninstall the Gatewatch software from your system.

(2) Check if all the USB connector behind the CoolWatch are connected
properly on your motherboard. VCC, D-, D+, GND. Where VCC should be the
Pin 1 or Pin 2 of your onboard motherboard connector. If this is not
connected correctly or reverse the connection, the USB will not work and
USB might be damaged if connected reversely. Or if yours is the external
plug in, please make sure it plug in properly and the USB port are
functioning properly too. ** Sometime you need to plug in a few
different ports before it detected because USB port sometime memorize
the previous peripherals that plug into the port and didn't update when
new device was plugged in.

(3) Once all the connection are done properly. Boot up the system and go
to control panel to double check if any USB peripherals has Yellow Flag
in your Device Manager.

(4) Go to our website and download the Gatewatch:
** Yes, just download it from this page where it has the Gatewatch

(5) Click continue anyway till the software is installed. Reboot if

(6) Open the Gatewatch application and do a RESET first: Ctrl + Alt +
Left click of mouse on the RED dot.

(7) Check under STATUS, if the time matches your system time.

(8) Do you see any reading on the Temperature and Fan speed under

(9) Check the control panel for any flag if the system is not detecting
the device.

(10) If it still doesn't detect anything and if you are using a USB K/B,
please try it with a PS/2 keyboard and see if the system detect the

(11) Let me know if it works or still having the same problem.

Thank you.

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