I apologize for any lengthy explantation ahead of time. But thank your for taking your time to read this. I have spent hours and hours reading and have had no luck. Everything seems to lead back to nothing.

1 month ago my Windows XP 250g 7200 hard drive was making a lot of noise. Ill call this drive A. I knew its days were numbered. This copy of XP has no restore disk or serials due to being purchased from a private seller on craigslist. Due to the awful noise it made I decided to purchase new hard drive.
I packaged drive A into a box and placed it in my closet where it still sits.
I purchased a new 150g Western Digital 7200 hard drive at this point. Ill call this one drive B. I decided to install Ubuntu Linux on this device. Currently using this HD to post this thread. At this point I have decided to ditch Linux in favor of XP.
Now I purchased a new HD, another WD 250g 7200. Drive C.
My goal is to get my OS from drive A onto either drive B or C. And have whichever HD, B or C be my slave drive.
I have looked into Nero Ghost, Clonezilla and I am very confused at this point. I could care less about what happens to disc A, I just want its OS. If I cannot get its OS from this drive I'm guessing I'll have to get a bonafide copy of XP. I don't really wanna deal with farkin up my OS due to system updates, but it's not entirely out of the question.
Can someone help me out and explain what needs to be done and/or my possibilities? Please help me save 40 bux at a retailer. My girlfriend would kill me.

Which drive needs to be connected as the main and which slave? Guessing I'll have to have the HDs connected somehow, then insert the Lifeguard disc to have it copied? Any formatting or partitioning involved with this?

It doesn't matter hiow you connect the new drive as long as you can identify it.
You'll boot to the Data Lifeguard disk and do a 'From:To" operation which is pretty automatic-just be sure the drives are properly identified.
No formatting or partitioning, except as done by the software.
Piece of cake.

been there, did that, was really surprised how well DLG works, didnt lose anything, didnt need to re-activate