Has anyone done this and if so what kind of problems am I getting myself into? My adaptor board is due in on Monday, it is a Rosewill RC212 4xSATA +1XIDE R .Any advice on setting it up!

That card has some good reviews, looks like it will do what is advertised. It list a transfer rate of 150kbps for SATA, but the is no SATA2.

If the reviews can be trusted it looks like an elegant solution to the addition of a SATA drive.

The reviews are what I went on when ordering this card, IDE won't see the full size of the HDD and you can't get 500mb hdd in IDE formatt. So this is going to be interesting to see if it works as promised. will keep you posted as to how it turns out.

IDE doesn't limit the recognition of the size of the hdd the BIOS does. The SP2 for XP and SP4 for W2k will allow you to recognize the larger size hdds.

To understand this better read about the 48 bit LBA.

Well everything in good,and the HDD works as promised, the system sees the HDD on startup equipment scan, but the BIOS has yet to see it. Other then some software problems it seems to be working. :)

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