Hello. I joined for selfish reasons. I need your logic and know-how to fix the Plug & Play problem that I am being tortured with. I foolishly got rid of the plug & play drivers and now ... of course ... I cannot use my printer, which is a HP deskjet.

I have beaten myself up over deleting the drivers because now I am rampantly searching to have them put back. Feeling quite dumb, I ask anyone out there interesting in helping a starving student ... for help.



Well, you are welcome anyway! Please look around but wrt your driver problem try here. Here is another pretty good place to look.


Do you have the model number for your printer? If you do, you can do a search on HPs website to download the drivers. If you don't know how to do that, post the model number here and we can help you out.

it usually comes with the CD... in case you dont have it,
locate the model number of the unit., usually at the back
or at the bottom. then paste it on to google and download
the driver...