I replaced my original adapter with another one when the original cable wore significantly. I have had the replacement for 2 years and in the last few months I have had to adjust the cable and the plug, wiggling it to make contact and go from a "yellow/orange" to "green" signal from the internal battery. But today it won't go past the "yellow/orange" color and shuts down due to low battery. I thought right away that I should replace the ac adapter, but perhaps it is the computer plug. How do I tell? No amount of holding the plug with my hand, wiggling it, adjusting it changes anything, except when I dampen it with saliva, and then insert the plug, the green will come on for a few seconds longer. It seems that contact is being interrupted in someway. Any thoughts?

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maybe you can try to... clean it with sandpaper..?! just to get rid of the
grime in it..

just give it a try though.


Thanks for your input!

I contacted the person I bought the computer from and found my own answer. The main battery in the computer was dead. And when I removed the battery, the computer was able to connect through the ac adapter. I had the second battery in at the same time. It too would not turn green, so I also removed it. The green light came on! Now I just have to replace my battery!

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