Hi all you lovely people, I'm running a G4 Quicksilver 733hz, 890ish Ram, Motu 2408 mark2+3 cards, logic 7, having the usual problems with CPU
freaking out if I put any amount of plugins/virtual instruments on (more of a problem now as all new stuff is hungrier than ever) someone mentioned trying a new proccessor from 'macsales.com' for example, a 'sonnet 1.7 gig' or their own brand 1.5gig (can't remember name...)
Anyone have any experience of doing this?? Is it worth it?? or negligably better?? (I'm obviously not expecting G5 performance, just a bit more juice out of current system) Mucho thankos

As a matter of fact, I bought a GigaDesigns Dual 1.33GHz processor upgrade from OWC (http://www.macsales.com), to put in my Quicksilver '01.

I had some troubles with the installation (I think I got the wrong heat sink), but GigaDesign's Support person was SUPER helpful and after I thought the upgrade was burned out, I sent it to them and they tested it for me and sent it back to me. I had no troubles the second time around and after more then a year, my Mac is still super fast. I really like the GigaDesign CPU upgrade.

I have purchased a lot of Sonnet CPU upgrade over the years and had troubles with a lot of them. Maybe 25% of them.. and we're talking a total of maybe 20 CPU upgrades and 10 ATA or USB/Firewire cards that I've ordered from them over the last 6 years.

I've never used any of the OWC Mercury products but have heard good things about them.

And finally, OWC rules. I've upgraded my Quicksilver to the max thru them for a decent price. DVR-108, ATA6 card, couple new HDs, some external HDs, CPU upgrade, and video card upgrade. Good prices (for Mac stuff), super fast shipping, and fantastic service and support.

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