can somebody help me....i have a hp pavilion dv2000.it started when the fan is not responding already.when i turn on the pc it turns the light but no display.after 8 hrs...it displays.then after day came it never displays for days already.i brought it in the IT in our place......he vanished the virus but didnt reformat.....and it displays.but then when it turned off it took a day or 2 bfore it displays back in the monitor.as IT said...the video is the prblem....cus it is built in i need to buy a mother board.....my question is....is true that video card is the problem and need tobuy motherboard?as many say if the motherboard is the prob i better buy a new one???pls help me fixing it.....is it really the hardware or the software only......is it need to be formatted?pls answer me.thanx.

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